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Step 1

You must have an email account. The email address is for the person you want to register for in order to set up campaigns, etc. This email must be unique for each registered member. If you are setting up an account for your child, you should designate a separate email for your child. Donít use your own email address unless youíre registering for yourself.

Donít have email yet? You can get a free email account by going to any of these websites: (for a gmail account)  (for a yahoo account)  (for a hotmail account)

Step 2

You must have a PayPal account. All you will need is the email address that you use for your Paypal account. The same Paypal account may be used for you and your child if you choose to have all of the donations going into the primary bank account designated via Paypal. Otherwise, you should have 2 separate Paypal accounts for you and your child.

PayPal is the leading global online payment company with one of the most trusted, secured website and already serving over 100 million users.

Donít have PayPal yet? Sign up for free at

Click here for more information and instructions on setting up a PayPal account.

Step 3

Once you have an email address and a Paypal account, you can register your information and create your C account! Youíre now ready to set up your campaigns, share your campaign links with your supporters, and reach your goal amounts! Click here for step-by-step, screen shot instructions from registering your information to creating your campaigns!

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