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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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MCA stands for My C Account*. “C” represents Child’s, Custom, or Cash account, however you wish to call it. Essentially, when you set up a C account, you can set up an account for yourself and your child!

*’Account’ refers to a bank account that you already use or would like to use via Paypal.
(Since you can create all kinds of campaigns for your account, calling it your ‘C’ account encompasses everything that the website can do including building a wish list for:Child, Cash, College, Campaigns, Categories, Custom…Hence, your ‘C’ account!)

It’s an easy way for you to appropriately ask family, friends, and supporters to help raise money for a particular campaign, category, or goal for your child such as an ‘iPad’ account or ‘College Funding’ account.
( and will take you to the same website.)

It can be whatever you want it to be! It’s YOUR wish list!
The categories may range from a small, short-term goal amount of $500 (such as an iPad) to an ongoing account for a larger amount of $100,000 (such as College Funding). The good news is that you can set up an account for yourself too! This is not just for kids!

In order to best track the deposits for each child/person, you should have a designated:
-an email address
-a PayPal account linked with your bank account

No, it’s free to register to be a member on the MCA website. It’s free to set up the various campaigns or wish list to reach your goal amount. Note that MCA uses Paypal (the nationwide, secure gateway that does not share your financial information) which processes a transaction fee of about 2.9% for all donations/deposits.

Yes, however, bear in mind that if you choose to do that, all of the deposits for all campaigns within your children’s MCA account will be associated with your email address which ties to your PayPal account linked to your bank account. This means that all of the deposits will go into your primary bank account as designated on PayPal.
Here is the best approach or set up:
Each account on the MCA website recognizes an email address associated with the account. Therefore, if you want separate deposits going into each child’s/person’s account, you must have a separate email for each account. You may easily get a free email account via Simply go to the Gmail tab in the Google website and create an account!

For example:
Option 1: A mother has 2 children. She has an email address (Gmail via Google) for herself and each of her 2 children. She has one PayPal account under her name and email address and all deposits are going into the ‘primary’ bank account that she designates via PayPal.
Option 2: A mother has 2 children. She has an email address (Gmail via Google) for herself and each of her 2 children. She has a PayPal account for each person (herself and each of her children) and a different bank account for each. Deposits are going into each separate account for each person and this will be easier to track monetarily.

Yes you do. Millions of people already have a PayPal account because it’s a safe and secure way to store all your payment options, such as your bank account and credit card. It’s free and easy to set up a PayPal account at

No. You may pay using your credit/debit card by going through PayPal as a guest.

Great! If this is the bank account that you would like deposits to go into for your child, then simply add the account to your PayPal account (if you don’t already have it included).

That’s no fun! Direct them to the MCA website so that they can see what your child truly wants. Your child will have different campaigns set up such as an iPad account, Bunk Bed account, and College Funding account. The people who want to donate to your child’s wishes will be able to choose which account they will donate to. It’s a win-win! Both the giver and receiver are happy!

Theirs is no better time than now to teach your child the value of money. You can teach or show them how to set up a campaign or category of what they want on their wish list. Trust me, they’ll be excited to watch the deposits reach their goal amount because they know they are one step closer to getting what they want!
You may also print out an MCA Certificate to show them how much money will be deposited into their wish list/campaign. (This feature is coming soon!)

You can set up to 8 campaigns. Once you reach a goal amount for a campaign, that particular campaign gets archived.

Yes you can. However, if you have more than one child and you would like to track the amounts for each child, it may be best to set up a separate bank account for each child.

Each registered member will be able to track the deposits for each campaign, category, or wish list. You will be able to login to your account and see who deposit what amount for which campaign.

Yes! You may choose to show your campaigns to the public or keep them private.

No problem! You may contact us anytime with any questions. Feel free to send us an email at or Contact Us. We love feedback (good or bad) so that we can continually make this website work for you! We will do whatever it is necessary to improve our site for the benefit of our members.
Thank you for visiting our site and hope you were able to successfully register yours or your child’s account!
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