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What is MCA?

MCA stands for My C Account*.  “C” represents Child’s or Custom account, however you wish to call it.   Essentially, when you set up a C account, you can set up an account for you, your child, and your cause/foundation!

*‘Account’ refers to a bank account that you already use or would like to use via Paypal.

What is the purpose of this account?

It’s a fun and easy way for you to appropriately ask family, friends, and supporters to help raise money for a particular campaign, category, wish list or goal for you, your child, and your cause. For example: an iPad for Your Child, a trip to Europe for You, and a Fundraising Event for Your Charity.

( and will take you to the same website.)

What is in this account?

It can be whatever you want it to be! It’s YOUR wish list!

The categories may range from a small, short-term goal amount of $500 (such as an iPad) to an ongoing account (such as College Funding). The good news is  that ANYONE can have an account for free! It’s like a Registry for ALL Ages for ALL occasions!

(For example, instead of being stuck with one department store to have your wedding registry, you can create a registry or campaign for any occasion whether it’s a wedding or birthday (or it doesn’t even have to be an occasion!) and accumulate cash or money to spend where ever you wish!)

About us

For Your Child:

Imagine your 5 year old child’s birthday is coming up. For many parents, there are certain gifts they would want for their child and there are some gifts that the child does not need. It’s nice to know that we have generous friends and family members and we would NOT want their money to go to waste. Ideally, the most beneficial way for both parties (the ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’) would be for money to be deposited into an account for the child and the parents can buy the gifts they know their child wants, start saving for college funding, and investing in their child’s future! Wouldn’t you want to set up an account for your child today!?!

For you:

Now suppose you are a teenager or an adult , you can sign up for your own account and create your wish lists or campaigns. Whether it’s an iPad, vacation, wedding, house, college, or retirement that you are saving up for; have your family, friends and supporters help you reach your goals!

For your foundation or cause:

Have a cause or passion for something? Set up a foundation account here! You can also set up fundraising events!  Examples include PTA funds, scholarship funds, cafeteria funds, collecting money for every mile run, and all kinds of causes.  You can create any type of fund accounts!

Features of Website

Each registered member will be able to track the deposits for each campaign, category, or wish list. You’ll be surprised how much money you can accumulate with deposits made by yourself, family, friends, and supporters! It’s like watching money grow in your bank without doing anything!

MCA Advisor

More importantly, you can speak to your MCA Advisor to help use these savings to create a ‘Self-Funded Banking Policy’ where you may accumulate cash value that grows every year, use for college funding, build a tax free retirement income, and more!

Best of all, registration is FREE! So what are you waiting for? Register and set up your account today!

To find out more, read the FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions. For any questions, email us at or contact us.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will utilize the free membership to create your wish list and to achieve your goal amounts.

From the Founder and CEO of MCA,

Debbie Do Wellnitz, MBA

About us