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What is MCA?
MCA stands for My Child's Account or My Custom Account. (My C Account for short!)

What is the purpose of MCA?
Itís a fun and easy way for you to ask family, friends, and supporters to help raise money for your particular Campaign in any Category for you, your Child, and/or your Cause! With all the ĎCsí in common, it only makes sense to call it your ĎCí account! It's like a registry for all ages for all occasions.

How does it work?
Register for free using your email address and paypal account. (Note: The email must be unique for each registered member.) Once registered, youíre ready to set up one or up to 8 campaigns. You can have a short-term campaign and/or an on-going one!Customize your campaign page link and share your campaign!

Can you give some examples?

For your child: If you register for your child, you can set up an iPad account/campaign with a goal of $500 and once you reach the goal amount, you can close that campaign and set up another campaign! You may also have an on-going campaign such as a College Funding account for your child.

For you: If youíre getting married, you can even set up a wedding account for yourself! Money collected for this account can be spent on anything you want anywhere, unlike some wedding registries where you are restricted to only items at that particular department store.

For your cause: If you have a charity event, you can set up a Fundraising campaign for the event as well!

Remember, whether you are registering for you and your child or just your child, you should designate a separate email for your child. You cannot use your own email address for both since there can only be a unique email address for each registered user.

Set up your C account now!
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